We created a family-friendly place, where we fulfil a vision of modern day care which stimulates development of toddlers with support of Astrid Lindgren Little Child Institute. We realise that secure and healthy environment are necessary to the harmonic development. In order to achieve this, we offer you and your children different possibilities.

In our Beehive we offer you full-time day care. We run cosy day-care for fifteen children. We take care about the quality of care and children’s development. We awaken creativity, learn by playing, stimulate motor development (also outside), based on knowledge and experience of our co-workers.

For parents working part-time, on contracts, tele-workers or freelancers we have another interesting solution. We offer you a desk in a coworking space. While you are working, a professional caregiver takes care of your child. You have a time for your work and business contacts, staying close to your children.

Additionally, we also offer classes, meetings and workshops dedicated for parents.